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I've Got No Ride!

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Im in the market for a vehicle. i want a toyota or something of the family (scion, lexus...) but i have a low budget and certain specs to meet. I got around 3k im willing to spend on it and it needs to have some room in it so i can move some stuff to and from college and I'd like to be able to upgrade it performance-wise eventually.
From what ive seen, that really just leaves me with early to mid 90s corolla or camry. Id love to have one of the older AWD celicas, but they are WAY too hard to come by. Im a big fan of the 4x4s too but cant afford the gas milage that most of them get so thats about out unless someone knows of a model/year that gets 25-29 or better.
Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks
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Get a corolla wagon from the early to mid 90s. You can get a camry too but i doubt you can find a decent one at 3K.
Those are pretty hard to come by though aren't they?
And I'm pretty well a noob when it comes to upgrading camrys and corollas but are there many options for performance with them?
You don't have much options to think about performance if you only got $3K on your hand.

I'd rather sell the car or drive until it breaks once you have more money and get a better one.
Yeah, thats probably what ill end up doing, but id like to have somethin that i can just work with on the weekends and such. I was more wondering if theres anything i can get for around 3k that i can go a few more years in then by that time ill have more money that i can put into upgrades or i guess i could just keep mooching rides from friends and save up more till i can actually afford somethin useful. this is the purpose of this post for me, to try and get recomendations from guys like you that have more experience with this stuff.
get a gen 2 can always drop a 3s-ge or 3s-gte into it and make it fly.
then gen2 camry also came with awd(or 4wd?). they are pretty rare, but they are out there
ur limited budget of 3k will definitely put lexus or scion out of your others have early gen corolla might be best for you....don't even think about modding....just get the car running in top shape.....
so you think i should get a second gen camry and spend money here and there on engine and other components or just wait a few more years till i have some more money and get somethin better?
If your talking us funds, I found quite a few gen3 SE V6 Camrys on the kbb used car locater site for around 3k.
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