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JAMMed IgniTIOn! Help!

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:headbang:Ok so about a week ago my 97 Corolla CE wouldn't start. the key turned to the start positon but wouldn't start the car. So after countless tries i pulled out the key and tried putting it back in only to find out that the key only went half way in. This was the start of it. I figured something was wrong with the ignition lock cylinder, so I ordered a new part. I read up on how to replace it and all. But seeing how i can't even get the key in all the way to turn it to ACC.My significant other and I got the bright idea of jamming in a flat head screw driver into the key whole to try to turn it to ACC. :confused: It didn't work! So another great idea stormed up and we stucked the key in and hammered in the rest, tried turning it and the key broke! :thumbsup: After reading up on some more posting we never found a similar problem to ours but decided to use thier advices anyways. So since we couldn't get it into the ACC position, to release the stop button on the bottom, we again had a great idea. We tried to dill out the stop button! needless to say we didn't get far. I can still feel the stop button working just half demolished. :rolleyes: Our last attempt, we tried to drill out the key hole with a 5/16 dill bit. It didn't even bugde, just dented the hole. So I need help! what should i do? Was drilling the stop button the right thing to do and if yes, should i continue to dill it untill its completly demolished? or drilling the Key hole? What have i done and what am i up against? what should we do now? Any suggestion helps besides taking it in to a auto place, i just can't afford it right now. Thanks!
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WOW! sounds like a lot of :headbang:

Only a guess: can you drill out the metal button with a slightly larger drill and repeat until you get the same size drill as the hole that the button is in? I mean if you already managed to drill a hole in it, then why can't you keep drilling bigger? Go buy a set of drills if you don't have any. It will save more :headbang:

the cylinder idea would require a heavy duty drilling. It sounds like a lot of work.
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