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JBL Premium from 01 Highlander to 04 Camry

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I own a 2001 Highlander Limited w/ JBL "premium" sound and 6 cd changer. I was wondering, if I buy the 04 camry with the stock radio, am I able to transfer the HU and the external amp from my highlander into the camry? I'm a bit worried that harness/plug that goes into the head unit in the camry won't be the same as the one in the highlander.
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If you can find where the OEM amp is on the Highlander, it might be possible to remount that on the Camry, as long as the mounting points are the same. You will need to transplant the ENTIRE wire bundle as well. I think the radio width of the Highlander is the same as the Camry, but take some measurements first.
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