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JCCS volunteer meeting pics! 8-28-10 *SoCal*

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it was a fun meeting at the new Toyota Museum over by Toyota Corp. in Torrance. we were pretty much the first people to get invite to go inside before the actual grand opening of that place. by the way, JCCS stands for Japanese Classic Car Show. here are the pics!

before entering.

i didnt take pics when we were discussing about the parking and stuff.

getting our staff badges.


behind this door, is to another world.

went outside for a quick breather.


head back inside.

it was time to walk through the door. my friend was about to pass out. LOL!

cars inside.

old posters.

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concept cars.

do you guys remember the Scion bbX in New York Auto Show back in 2002?

well, its HERE! it has different wheels though...

err... i want the front face finisher (the cover that is covering the headlights and the grille) so bad...


what happened to this car? btw, it has JDM door panels.

nice wheels and rear disk brakes. does anyone know the exact Enkei wheels are these? so sexy.

one-off carbon fiber spoiler. I WANT!

look! no license plate holes on the hatch!

2-tone Corolla.

i wonder if i can fit into this. LOL!!!

more old posters.

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Very nice, a lot of good looking classics in there.
where do you get to volunteer at a place like this, i wish i could
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