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JDM 4AGZE SC12 Supercharger and Accessories

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Sorry, I posted this in the FS section, but thought it might be a good idea to post here too.

Here's the ebay auction:

I'm selling it to replace the GZE in our AE102, which had a catastrophic block failure this spring.

Help us out!

[email protected]
[email protected]
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So this will work well on a ae92 4AGE 89 corolla gts coupe? Cause im seriously looking to supercharge!!! How much u want? contact me at [email protected] with a price... also will i need anything else to make the conversion? Thanks!
it will.. but you will probably have to change some of your internal components, plus you will have to get a GTZ hood or make your own hoodscoop. :)
89.... that's a big MAYBE. You'll need something to control the fuel. If you have TVIS, you'll need a different intake manifold.
^ the kit come with intake manifold....

but what en said, you'll hafto change some of your internals like lower compression piston, fuel pump, fuel injector,alternators are different, needs a ECU..... its alot easier if you have a another engine to work on.,
It's a smallport intake manifold. Unless the smallport intake manifold works on a large port head.
^ 89 corolla is still Bluetop big port.....

and this intake can be used for both...but i thought every GZE intake are the same as bigport. just the piston compression is different..... i could be wrong tho:whatthe:
you can still run with same internals but you wont be running much boost and yes you would wanna change the fuel and all that other good stuff they are talking about
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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