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***JDM AE92 PIX ***(from Japan)

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I just recieved it from japan, they just had their AE92 day over there.

the bottom picture is an USM AE92, which someone shipped it there.
but other than that, all of em are JDM :D

This one is my favourite :D

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i really like the looks of that first white one.... and i'm lovin the gauges near the bottom :cool:
Nice pictures Itchy! I liked seeing the 20v conversions, but did you notice the intake elbow on this car??? Tornado!!!

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It also has individual coil packs, and 1800 on the valve cover. 7A-GE anyone? And that head came off of a MAP-GZE as well..... weird.
That's cool as Hell:thumbup:
nice pics, Itchy, you know i would join you on a trip to that event, man! :thumbup: :cool: you think there's anyone else willing to trade a USDM GT-S for a JDM Sprinter? :p:

WOW i want them all
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