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JDM engine identification

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I am swapping 1NZ-FE engine in my corolla 2003. I want to confirm that it is jdm and can I find out inwhich year it was built?

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That looks like a part reference sticker.

This comment was posted on the honda forum about JDM engine I'D. Since is specific to JDM I would think it would apply to a Toyota JDM as well.

".. just look at the code for example.. all japanese engine codes are d15b or b16a without any numbers after the letters..
usdm: b16a2
Jdm: b16a
Usdm: d15b2
Jdm: d15b "
you can cross reference the serial #'s on the block that are below the "B16A" or "B18C" etc...
you will have to contact Honda Japan, and they can tell you the car it came in."
The engines on Toyota may not be stamped like the Honda engines. The label in your image is for the assembly line use only.

Look for the vin plate. Should be located near the timing cover on the back side of the engine. Not sure if this would apply to your country or not.

Alternatively, you can take this information to your local Toyota dealer and give them the vin on the engine to decode.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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