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JDM engine swap a manual into an orig auto supra?

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i have a JDM 7m-gte with manual tranny and ecu to go with the whole thing. for that setup. now heres the question... i have an 88' MKIII that i want to put the two into. but the supra i am putting em into had an automatic tranny in it and a 7m-ge engine in it. any thoughts? is this even possible? how easy will it be? any bumps in the road i should be expecting and how to over come em? so on and so forth. you get the idea. if you have anything you can do to help me please say so.
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Provided you have the wiring harness as well, the swap is fairly simple. You will need to change the exhaust system and intake system to the turbo style and you may need to modify or change the rear drive shaft. Certain under-hood switches and vacuum lines need to be installed as well.
well i have a totaled 89 supra with the engine in it. it still runs in the 89. just doesnt drive due to the fact that the rear control arms are busted. it was hit by a ford explorer. so it has everything i need to make it run its just a matter of swapping it from one car to the other.
You have everything you need then. Go for it.
somebody on another forum mentioned i need to jump the neutral safety switch... where and what is that?
All depends on what you swap. If you swap the wiring harness and ECU as well, the biggest stuff will be chopping parts for the Clutch pedal and such needed to install it.
The nss sits on the side of the automatic. When you are ready pm me and i will let you know what wires to splice. If you change the whole unit (engine and trans)with wiring it is not necessary as the new wiring will not have the provision for it.
well i am swapping the engine with tranny as a whole with wring harness so i guess not a problem then. so thanks.
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