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jdm usdm ecu

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Is the wiring harnes diferent in the usdm and jdm mr2. Are s3-gt ecu's the same for usdm and jdm 3sgte motors.
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I dont know but why are you asking? I would assume that they would be the same if they all came off the same ass. line.
actually they're probably different..... i wouldn't be surprised if the 3s came MAP based over there... (or an i dumb, and the 3sgte came map here? i'm just used to all the 4a stuff and afm's)
They are different because the JDM engines do not use the EGR system.
I am doing a swap and wanted to know if the wiring diagram for a usdm ecu would be the same for a jdm ecu. Because i can't find a jdm wiring diagram. Or a jdm wiring diagram would be nice
I wouldn't know where to get the diagrams from, but keep searching and I'm sure you will find someone who has translated one.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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