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jspec engine, good price?

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Guys I was looking at ebay and saw this 3sgte and wondered if it was a good price. Not that I need a new engine really, but does it come with the ct20b? I figured might as well get a whole frickin engine if the turbo costs anything over 500 bucks...
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only 3rd gen came with ct-20b......
damn... still... is it a good price?
have u ever just thought about rebuilding ur current motor??...why do a swap....theres no guarantees that the motor is good or low mileage as claimed.....that motor for sale is from a celica....its got a top mount IC....
Thats a celica engine..... tmic. You would still have to use many parts from you current engine.
ahhh....I thought the intercooler was just sitting there. My bad...
I got a '94 JDM MR2 motor with the intercooler and ecu for $1160 shipped. That's with a 6 month warranty. Also the JDM motors come with a ceramic wheel ct26, so supposedly spool is faster than the US ct26.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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