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July 12- Shannonville Full track $80

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I found this on another board and sharing it for those who are interested.

The Original post on (please track the status here instead):

Date: July 12 (Monday)
Time: 5:30 - 9pm (or dusk), 3:30 hours of lapping!! We're running the FULL TRACK.

Price: $80 prepaid, $100 at the track.

*****Please email me [email protected] if you have any questions, or you want to sign up. I do not check my IMs except on :) thx.

How to pay: I will be holding a deposit collection meet July 4th (sunday), 9pm sharp, at Tim Horton's at Woodbine and 16th. I will be there from 9-9:30pm. Bring $50 cash for deposit, and you will only have to pay $30 at the track. Be there or be square. If you don't show up during that time you will have to pay $100 at the track. This is to make sure that we won't have last minute ditchers.

If for some reason you can't make it because you live in niagara or you have an exam that night or your wife's delivering, paypal me before July 4th $55 (to cover paypal commission fees) and pay $30 at the track. No exceptions will be made to this rule. My paypal a/c is [email protected] Remember to include your full name and your phone # in the payment.

A walkthrough of the track, great reading

* I am a regular at I will keep a list of the paid/deposited participants on the vwvortex thread above. Any questions, email me and I'll reply asap.

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July 12................ Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Tempting. but I have track days on July 3/17/31 cannot justify another day at the track... m
wth, that is monday..... sure can't make it...
dark_serphen said:
wth, that is monday..... sure can't make it...
thats the reason why they put it on monday...
hahaha just playing... ahhh track... i wish :rolleyes:
You know tha bad part about this all..sicne i live like 20 minutes form the track..I can't ever prepay...for any events. :(
Empty Method:

BattleEndless is PayPal Friendly :lol:
well then once I'm not running winter tires anymore :p And maybe get some suspension so I don't roll over when I turn :hammer: haha. Thats good to know though. :thumbup:
If you can't make the prepay date, you can always come to Speed Stars Auto to pay for it. The address is 4910 Sheppard Ave. E. (McCowan and Sheppard)
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