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July San Diego Meet

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Hello San Diego County,
This will be the thread for the July San Diego meet.
At the conclusion of the last SD meet, we all said that the next meet will be near the end of July, preferebly at the Miramar Speed Circuit, we're gonna do some extreme karting! :D

So the date that would most likely be an option is either Saturday, July 31, 2004 OR Sunday, August 1, 2004. Time will mos likely be like last time, around 1PM in the afternoon.

How does this sound to everyone? It's three weeks from now, plenty to plan ahead :)
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Karting sounds fun :D

I'll get back to you on the date
uh fine?....could we use the circut with our cars......haha that would be so fun
It's indoors...we could head to Qualcomm one day for autox...
The SoCal MR2 guys have tons of San Diego meets ( , One of you guys should join mr2oc and see if you can get in on any of the meets :). Just thought i'd throw that out there.
Warped said:
It's indoors...we could head to Qualcomm one day for autox...
Warped is right, it is indoor, and we use their karts, for the record, at the last meet, Sohil, aka rapsux, said we can find some "Buy One Get One" free coupons for Miramar Circuit if we look for those Buy One Get One magazines. So if any of you guys are going to the meet this month, try to find those magazines so we can get some cheaper races in.

and the autox you are talking about Warped, does it cost money? or are we like setting up our own track or something? :D
There is an autox in San Diego next weekend..... dunno if you guys know about it or not.
^^ some of the ppl will be at autox
trix.... is it at Qualcomm?? Hot import daze?
i wonder if we could use qualcom....that would be so cool if we could just use it for the day to race around haha
hey ishcoleobo, i think Hot Import Daze and the autoX event are two completely two different events, one is racing (autoX), and HID is a typical import show, one's for checking out cars, the other is for checking out girls :D
^ Ya.... but I think they are RIGHT next to eachother.
I can't go on Saturday July 31st. I have to work on that day. Does anyone have more info on the auto x in San Diego this month. Maybe we could make a Toyotanation meet out of that also.
If you can't go on July 31st, would August 1st be okay with you Sohil?
I have the coupons with me, but they are only good on Tuesdays. Every other day it costs $23 per race. If more people than last time go, I would be willing go for that price.
The tuesday after the 31st would be the only day I could do it. That weekend I'm working.
Any of you guys from the last San Diego meet, going to HID on Saturday July 10th @ Qualcomm around 12:00? I was just checkin to see if anyone wanted to meet up.
Sup Henry

Are Honda owners I might be getting my A-Spec suspension and some 17" lightweight Enkeis wrapped in Yokahama AVS ES100's in about a month, so im very willing to test out the new setup on the autox.

BTW...there was a Camry SE (newer models) at the Fusion meet yesterday. Did it happen to be any of you guys? I have a feeling it was Sohil.

Nah, it wasn't me at that meet. I have a gen 4 with a TRD lip kit. Anyways, we need to generate some interest here. Henry, maybe we could talk about planning something less expensive. Let's get some ideas going. Anyone have any suggestions? Please share.
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