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Junkyarding in Jersey

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone here had any tips for Junkyards in NJ. Google and switchboard get me nothing but a long list of auto scrappers, so I dont know which ones are worth hitting. I dont wanna waste my time hitting small yards that might not have Toyotas, or domestic only yards.

I have a 4cyl 5SFE '00 Solara, so Im looking for junked 5SFE Gen1 (99-01) Solaras or 5SFE Gen4/4.5 Camrys (97-01)

Im looking for the stock airbox specifically, among other minor parts, but im not sure if that changed from Gen4 to 4.5, and if it did, which air box matchs up to the Gen1 Solara, so any help on that front is appreciated too.

So basically, my q's are

1) Yards with 4cyl Gen4/4.5 Camrys in Jersey? Recommendations? Tips?

2) Air box for 4cyl Gen 1 Solara = Gen4 Camry (97-99) and/or Gen4.5 Camry (00-01)?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Thanks for the quick reply. Good link. I found one in jersey with a air box from a 4cyl 99 camry, but none from any other Camrys or Solaras 97-01. I guess If Gen4 airbox = Gen1 Solara airbox, Im good to go. Id still like to find out if it fits for sure if anyone knows.

I need all the hoses too, and Im not sure if they have them, which is why I wanted to go to a junkyard where I could pull it myself. Ill shoot that yard an email anyways to see what they can tell me.

Id also still like info on Jersey Junkyards if anyone here has experience with them.
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