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2002 Tacoma 4x4 4dr
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Just bought a 1987 with a 22R engine and 4 speed trans. Runs good, has a load of miles on it. I drive 70+ miles round trip to work and home everyday, hope to get decent mpg and I know I'll be tinkering with this thing until it is like new. What should I expect as far as mpg (all hwy miles) and any known problem areas on this truck? Currently own this 1987 and a 2002 Taco 4DR 4WD I gave my 16 yr old son. As usual Dad drives the crap....Sold on Toyota so far. I appreciate all advice on the truck I just bought. C'mon, load me up!:ugh3:

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in my 83 toyota 22R 5 speed standard i get about 25-27mpg depending on how the carb feels like acting that day....if yours is a 4 speed standard without overdrive i would expect a little less because of the higher rpms....

only things on these trucks is make sure you have an oil filter with an anti-drainback valve on it so it doesnt drain all the oil back into the pan when it sits over night. this allows oil to get to the oil-fed tensioner for the timing chain quicker therefore eleminating chain rattle on cold start up and the possibility of the chain breaking the plastic guides.

there is also usual oil leaks from the front crank seal and valve cover gasket(just the way the 22R are, not much you can do about it except replace them when they leak).

hope this helps, they are great little trucks but take a little more maintinance than the newer models.

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Load you up, eh? You asked for it......

Spark Plugs: NGK or Denso ONLY!!!

It's best to use a genuine Toyota distributor cap for proper moisture control. Might as well use a genuine Toyota rotor while you're at it.

Genuine Toyota plug wires ONLY!!! You'll understand why when you install them.

Rebuild the carburetor!! It'll run better than is has in years if not decades. Here's a great link for rebuilding the original Aisin carb.

Here's another thread

Adjust the valves. .008 intake .012 exhaust with the engine hot.....or .007 intake .011 exhaust with the engine COLD. Do not over tightened the valve cover!!

Replace ALL of the vacuum hoses. Chances are they're original.

Replace the PCV valve

Use Mobil 1, WIX, Napa Gold (made by WIX) or genuine Toyota oil filters ONLY!! They have the best functioning anti-drain back valves on the market for the timing chain tensioner to prevent excess wear on the timing chain.

Replace the shifter seat and bushing for the transmission. It will solve all kinds of shifting issues.

Replace the trans fluid with synthetic Redline MT 90. It has special additives that won't attack the brass syncros. Get ready for butter smooth shifts.

Replace the rear end fluid with Redline synthetic 80-140. Get a new gasket washer for the fill and drain plugs.

Swap out the 4 speed trans for an overdrive 5 speed. It's a direct swap!

Repack the wheel bearings with grease. Don't assume that they have been done anytime soon or even at all. You'll need a new seal to service the inner bearing.

Flush the brake fluid.

Flush the clutch system (use brake fluid).

Drain and refill the cooling system. Use 50/50 coolant to water ratio. Use distilled water!!! Take a look at the radiator fins. If they have any build-up on them, replace the radiator. Replace all of the coolant hoses if they look original or brittle. Replace the thermostat with a genuine Toyota 2 way valve. Here's why:

Timing chain replacement procedure

Check the vacuum advance diaphragms for leaks. Then inner diaphragm (closest to the motor) is the most common one to fail. Pull a vacuum on the each port independently by using a vacuum pump or just suck on the hose. They both should hold perfect vacuum indefinitely.

That should keep you busy for awhile :D
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