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Just picked up a 1988 All Trac Turbo for 1900 bucks, it runs good, but is in need of some TLC, in the pics it doesn't have any wax on it and the interior is VERY dirty (IMO) I just clened and waxed it today, but by the time I got done it was dark lol

The car has 158K on it, has PW, PS, AC, CC, power seat, sunroof, 10 disc CD changer, etc etc... Bought it for 1900 bucks (has VERY slight rod knock, Toga bearings on their way) the car needs tierods and control arm bushings... some rear control arm bushings, etc etc they are on their way too

The alignment shop told me 1019.95 to get the 3 parts I HAVE to have to get it aligned (lower rear control arm bushings, one inner tie rod end
, and lower control arm
) I was like 'I'm gonna go now' and left haha

then I ordered the following online from

Shipped via: UPS
Service: UPG $0.00
1988 Toyota Celica Turbo 1988 - 1993
Auth: Trans Id: 658829210 Approval code: 008045 - Time to complete:
2.47 - 08/24/04 09:21:06 PM Supplier Notes:
Order Id: 566647
Your shopping cart Contains the following.

A/c Belt
Tie Rod End (2)
Tie Rod Inner (2)
Rack & Pinion Boot Kit left & Right
Front Control Arm Bushing lower Rear (2)
Front Brake Disc Brembo
Rear Brake Disc Bradi
Front Brake Pad Set Metal Master
Rear Brake Pad Set Metal Master

Core Charges:0.00
Shipping - (UPG):0.00
Total Weight: 52.95 (pounds)
Tax: 0.00 0.00
Order Total:315.26

Easy stuff to change IMO

Here are some pics of the beast...

Let me know what you think..​

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Looks nice... needs a lot of TLC, nothing that can not be solved BUT.... you have a serious rust problem coming... there is a nasty rust spot in the passangers rear wheel well, take care of that before its too late.

BTW... gotta love the "shortshifter" :D
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