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Just bought my first Toyota...

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On 2/4/2008! It's actually the first car I've bought on my own (just graduated from college). I was given my grandpa's 99 Taurus early in college and I'm so glad to be rid of that thing. I'll never go back to a Ford after all the problems I had with it. Anyway, my new (to me) car is a 2003 Corolla S and I'm in love with it after only having owned it for 3 days. When my checkbook has a chance to refill I want to put some new wheels on it, because 5 year old steel doesn't look great (haha) and redo some of the paint to have her looking her best again. If anyone has any suggestions about good quality, not-too-expensive wheels or good paint shops in Lexington, KY let me know. I've been looking at Nexo wheels a little bit and they seem decent. Any opinions? I definitely plan on having this car for a while so I'd like to make some other mods to it too. Nothing too extreme, but just some stuff to give it a little more personality. If anybody has any suggestions for me, hit me up. Thanks everyone!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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