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I bought my first Tercel back in January of 07. It was a 1990 Two Door Coupe. It didnt have the passenger mirror, it was a 5sp, it had no AC, and it was a theft recovery that had a branded title. It had 202k miles on the original motor, and a crack in the passenger taillight. The engine was a mess, vaccum lines were disconnected, plugged with Golf T's, duct tape was holding the exaust on. Not much you can expect for 300$.

Let me tell you, I loved this little car. It was the light of my life, that is for sure. The Upullit junk yard was my friend. I rebuilt the engine by myself, replaced seals and headgaskets, ground it down, new valves and filters the whole nine yards. Replaced both axels and put after market brakes and wheels on it. It was charcoal gray, and I never repainted it.

At 225000 miles, I Gave the car to my parents. And bought a 95 Toyota Tercel DX 2door 5sp with 180k miles on it for 1100$

It came with the following.
5E-EE Engine w/Cold air intake 180,000
Alluminum Strut Bars.
Shaved undercarrage
18inch White Rims.
Aftermarket Body Kit and skirt
Two Racings Seats, Harnesses, and bar to attach the harnesses
Gauge Cluster (Voltage, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Tach)
Trunk Modification (Made it lift up weird and cool)

Had some issues with it, of course.
Speedometer was broken (Had to replace the gauge)
Couple dents, REALLY bad paint job. (Robins Egg Blue)
Scratches on the rims.
MYSTERY HOSES on the motor ( I found where most of them go, and took out the extras)
Trunk modification sucked ass.
Wires hanging down from under the dash where there used to be a security system
Cracked windsheild (Not too bad)
No stereo or wires for it. (Had to figure out how to wire it into the fuse box.)
No interior plastic or carpet or backseats (Was used for racing. Fast through 3rd gear. Really fast)
Crack in the rear part of the Fibreglass body kit
After market muffler was missing tip
Bondo on the Dash

I would say not too bad for 1100$. Especially since I have fixed almost everything on the bad list by going to the UPullit.

I have to say, I absolutely love the Toyota Tercel. I went on an ebay Shopping Spree, and ordered a new Steering Wheel, Alarmsystem, Springs and struts, Muffler, and a few other odds and ends, and am hitting the UPullit again. As well as purchasing some 17inch Rims to go with it, since I hate the white ones. (They dont match. Two 18x8 on the back, and 18x7 on the front with 215/35/18 on all four rims. Retarded)

I will post pictures after I fix the exterior, and prime it =)

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So, Its been about a week since I have first gotten the car in my possession. And I have done the following.

Replaced the two front rims with 18x8's, all matching w/215/35/18 tires on them. Soon I will put new 225/35/18 tires on them for improved cornering. However, I have to figure out how to make them not rub on the inner walls when turning sharp. Any ideas?

I have put in new coil over springs, blue tinted, that have given the car a firm susspension, that doesnt let the tires rub on the wheel wells.

The paint job is still very ugly blue, but I am going to do the paint last. After all, I still have to bondo a door and fix the fibreglass body kit in the back.

I went to a UPullit, and pulled THE ENTIRE interior of the car out, floor carpet, back plastic panels, the works. The only thing I havent gotten was new door panels (The ones in it are spray painted, and looks retarded) and the roof peices. But, I am going this sunday to pull it. Total of 40$, not bad. The car was originally gutted to be a light weight drifter, but I would rather have the creature comfort than the -40lbs of the carpet and plastic.

There still is no back seat, and there wont be. Instead we laid fibreglass insulation down for sound, and put a peice of plywood down cut to fit the back, to make it a level place to set things on, and put indoor/outdoor carpet that matched the interior gray colouring. I looks really smooth, and transitions really nicely. Doublesided exterior mounting tape and three Screws hold it in place, so it doesnt rattle yet is still flexable with the car.

My next project for the car, is to remove the gauge arm that goes up the driver side door. I think nothing looks tackier, and I HATE it when people drive up next to me in their hondas and expect me to race. I think its because they see the gauges, either that or the body kit. Either way, its retarded. I'm not going to race you on the freeway. So, I am going to RIP out the speedometer and dash, and get an alluminum plate, then cut holes in it for an aftermarket speedometer, mount my tach, water temp, fuel gauge, voltometer, and oil presure, all on one panel in the dash. I think that will look MUCH better, and I will be able to see them durring the day.

This sunday my project consists of:
Getting the Roof plastics and fabric.
New Windsheild to replace the one with a crack.
New Door panels that dont look stupid.
Wire to the LED's throughout the car.
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