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Just bought that 1988 toyota corolla sr5

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So i ended up getting that toyota corolla SR5 from my friends grand parents that i made some threads about a few weeks ago. Just incase anyone remembers.

It's red on red. 155,000km (a little under 100,000miles), and besides the right side mirror missing it's totaly mint. The grandparents owned it since it was new and it's in amazing shape. It's automatic.

I got it for 1700 canadian which i think is an unbelievable deal considering the condition and low Km.

Anyways the radio is busted and i NEED music. I know this should go in the audio section, but it's specific to this model.

I can't find anywhere on the doors where you would mount the speakers, so where do i put speakers in this bad boy? I was showing a friend of mine who does car audio stuff and he said we might be able to fit the 6' rounds right under the back seats (right below them on the kick panel?), and then the 6x9's behind the back seat rests below the window.

Would below the seats work, anyone tried this? Where else can i put them? There wasn't enough room on the doors it didn't look like.

Thanks! I'm excited about my new car.
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the factory location for the front speakers in the gt-s is in the dash at about knee height closest to the driver & passenger side doors. don't know if this helps any, but figured i'd let ya know
Yeah its the same in my sr5...You'll have to cut holes in the door panel to get them in the sides...
There is no room in the doors of the 88 sr5 for 6' rounds. Maybe a 4' round.

Any ideas? Also there are no rear speakers so i'd have to cut through metal and some support bars. So i may just mount my 6x9's in their boxes up there with some sort of securing device.
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