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just changed the water pump and timing belt on my friends 92, now car idles funny...

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Me and my friend just finished changeing the waterpump and timing belt for his 92 N/A. Now after the job is done and the car is started the car idles funny and idles a bit high at around 2200RPM when cold and at about 1200 RPM when really hot than before before we changed the belt and pump. I tired adjusting that screw under the cap in the Throttle body but no luck there... HELP PLEASE...
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the timing is correct. If my friend decides to sell this car later on i guess he will ahve a prob becasue the buyers will notice high idle
My 91 NA's waterpump blew up late last summer, and I had it along with the timing belts changed. I didn't have any problems what so ever afterwards. I agree with deep, i believe you didn't properly set the timing, but if you said that you did....then i don't know bro. You may want to have it professionally checked out before something major goes wrong.
My bet is on timing adjustment. It may have 'seemed' correct, but even my mechanic friend who has been working on cars for ten years still has to go adjust timing every now and then after a belt change.
ok thanks guys. I will do that and keep u informed...
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