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just changed timing belt on 92 MR2 and now there is a slight hesitation...

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My friend just changed the timing belt and water pump and now there is a hesitation when accelerating from a standing stop. It is dangerous and doesnt feel right. It goes away if you floor the car and there is an intake which is clean... It was never like this before the belt was changed. Plz help
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are you sure he realigned the timing gears to properly?
im postive it is aligned correctly. There is a hesitation around 1900-2200 RPM's but the goes away to normal at around 3k and up RPM's.

If you floor the car to like 5200 RPM's and stop the car and take off again, the hesitation is slightly gone and not noticable
Wow, they are about 6yrs old or so. I havent changed the rotor and distributor and wires in awhile
:hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

Go get some new Toyota Wires... new plugs. See how that works. If there is still a hesitation... get in there and do the dizzy.
mine is still doing the same thing... did you ever figure out your problem?
I have sold the car just like that. The person who bought it really didnt care since he was going to do a Turbo swap anyway. I went to a really good mechanic and he told me it was the timing that needed to be set correctly.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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