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Just Curious

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I just bought an 89 4wd toyota pickup with a siezed 22RE. I have an 88 2wd and I liked it so much that I decided to get a 4wd one. When I first looked at it the engine ran great and I drove the truck and all was well. The owner was going to bring it to my house and drop it off. That night he called and said the engine siezed on his way to my house. I bought it anyway, for a lot less of course because I found another engine for it. My question is what would cause an engine to just sieze like that with very little warning and stay stuck? It's in my driveway now and the engine will not turn over even with a breaker bar. If nobody knows I'll let you know once it's out.

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Damn, I am kinda new at this but i am gonna guess, It could be a bent rod, or something with the crank... But once you take it apart it should be apparent what happened..
Maybe it got hydrolocked?
If you cannot move the engine either direction that is bad. Major mechanical problem, rod, bearings etc...

really the only way to be sure is to tear it down, But if there is something like that wrong then it will likely be cheaper to replace the whole engine.

But it may still be worthwhile to tear it down. You never know what may be wrong, and it just migh not be so bad after all.

Oh yea. If it is hydrolocked then you should be able to get it to turn over by removing the spark plugs.
I'm thinking oil pump failure. No oil and screeeeeeeeeeeeeeech.
Okay thanks, I have a new engine lined up so once I tear the old one down I'll let you all know.

The only locked up 22R engines I've ever seen were from thrown rods due to hydrolock and oil starvation (caused by low oil level)

So I would be interested to hear what was the demise of your engine.
Definately ran out of oil pressure. The cam journals were all scored. Two people supporting all thier weight on a long breaker bar would not turn the engine nor would it break the crank bolt loose. Neither would a 1000 ft lb impact gun. That's too bad because I couldn't take the front cover off. Oh well, the truck's up and running now so it's all good.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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