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What's up guys? I haven't been posting lately because I've been busy. Well, I'm back. I just did a major tune up to my 1995 Camry. She's got 123,000 miles on the clock. Here's what I did:

Timing belt + water pump, cam seal, crank seal, oil + filter change(Synthetic), tranny flush, radiator + engine flush, new thermostat, cleaned the injectors, new fuel filter, new K+N cone air filter element, Denso Iridium spark plugs, new spark plug wires, and added a Whiteline Rear Sway Bar.

Seems like a lot of money to spend at one time right? Well, my cousin is a mechanic at the local Toyota dealership. He got me the parts (except for the sway bar, I ordered that from CTM) at his discounted price and he did all the work.

She's running like new again and I know that I will have a good running car for the next few years.

Has anyone done anything to their Camry lately?

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well after my accident about a couple of months cam was in the shop for a while but i had a similar tune-up while it was in there

a friend of my dad's owns a tuning/repair shop in newark and he did most of the work.

i got the 16's for free including the rubber, fuel injectors cleaned, new plugs, tranny flush, filter and refill, new rear struts, new oil and filter, alignment, timing belt, reconditioned leather, new carpets, including the body work to the front right and a free car buffing :eek::

all in all everything came out to a little over 3g's..he "drives a truck for a living" but rolls a '03 7 series on 22's, '67 impala on 22's with a big block, civic hatch turbo putting out 450 dad thinks hes clean but his bro who works for my dad told me he runs a chopshop ;)
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