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just got my car painted

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i just got my body kits, tint, and my paint....i just want some opinions on the car, or whatever you think about it...good or bad i don't care cuz i love it...i was commented on my cardomain site to put the stock grill back on but...? i dunno lemme know what you guys think....i also want to know if anyone knows about angeleye projector lights for a 94 camry?!? do they even make those? or am i just dreamin? i saw one guy on car domain who looks like he painted or put vinyl or somethin over his headlights and made a unique circle headlight design it was cool anyway....check out my car on and check out the new pictures and any of the old pictures if you want and within the next day or so i will have pictures of my street glow at night since i got my paint and body kits...i have an old picture but that was before the kits anyway hit up the guestbook on cardomain or comment on here guys thanks...
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The car looks great man. My only suggestion would be to paint the rims.

Angel eyes have to be custom made. There's tons of DIY instruction floating around here. Do a search.
i like the rims, contrasting colors look nice. The cobra eyes arent my thing though. As for the grill, a few gen 3 guys have custom grills that you might want to check out.
The car looks clean. One of the better looking gen 3's I've seen. You should bring it to the San Diego Meet this month.
looks nice, and id keep the rims like that to much black aint good
the car looks good. ever thought about painting the tail lights red/black?, like mine.
Wow car looks great man, just curious though how much did the paint job cost b/c it looks very good and i would like to get mine's painted later on when i get money
Very nice ride. I'm looking to re-spray my black camry in a couple of months when the funds show up.
2.75" Exhaust on a 4cyl?!?!?
been checkin out your cam for a while, finally glad to see you got it painted.
Nice ride :)

Not sold on the grill though.
Really nice looking Camry:thumbup: What Kind of Back Bumper do you have?
Looks nice. But the green LEDS gotta go.
i agree with powder with the contrasting rims/car color. all around nice looking camry

is it just me or do the rims look a little too small?
ima gonna try an respond to all your comments in one thing...

as for the rim color .. i thought about paintin them GLOSS black but the funds weren't there so...whatever i just painted all the vent grills on the body kits white and there ya go it looks like it all matches...

the rims ARE 17 inch i don't know why they look small but i agree i would bet that if i had 18's they would look bigger only 1 inch funny huh? oh well

the green led's? well i like em and....i dunno....i didn't keep my stock washers so i gots to keep em...oh well it's just another light to play with on my switchplate...

yes my exhaust is 2.75 or 2.5 whatever i forget specifically but yes it's in that ballpark i don't know why that's a surprise...i obviously know camry's aren't the fastest thing ever ESPECIALLY the 4 banger so whatever...


gimme your DIY info on how to do the angel eyes and what design would look best for my camry?!? thanks

i have the regular cyber style back bumper in fact the WHOLE kit is cyber style i got it from a local shop in oceanside called pro custom...

as for the's all i got cuz i totally trashed my stock one tryin to do somethin custom i'm a dipshit i know it so that's what i got to play with...i know it's a home depot grill but whatever.

Paint job was 500 suggestion to anyone thinkin about saving money on dings, creases or dents or whatever....don't do it yourself unless your are highly experienced with bondo and sanding and grating and all that shit, i thought i could do it and i did ok BUT i messed up on a dent and and it turned out wavy you can't see it from the pictures but there are a few spots on the car that are with the color black not only do you see ever speck of dust BUT you see ever dent that is in your
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DAMN dude ECT PWR guy how the hell did you paint your rear tails black like gotta gimme a lil lesson on a DIY for that i seriously love that....whatta i gotta do? lemme know an not that i want it but...where did you get the billet grill....and i may want a CF hood where'd you get it? AND how did you relocate your antenna on your trunk that shit is nice.
i love the kit mate!!! i have the same one but my cam has an ironing board attached to the boot (read: 'big ass spoiler') i love the look of the low profile spoiler. i will have to get one.

love ya work!!
Looks clean:thumbup:
I would paint or change the rims however, the white on black doesnt work too well.
bpcamrydude can you pm I have a question for you about your nice car,thanks
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