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Just got new wheels and tires!!

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Finally got rid off my stock wheels and tires. I went with 16" American Racing Teflon Mojaves. The tires are 285/75/16 Nitto terra grapplers. You' ll either like it or you wont. I am kinda going with an all black, rugged theme. Just wanted something different.
Heres a link: I'll get better pics later.
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some trail armor would do a good job of finishing up that look you are going for ;)
I like it. how is the Bestop soft top? I like the way it folds down. How is the quality?
Sweet ride! How are those Nitto TG's? I'm considering them for my tire upgrade. I've read alot of good reviews so far.
lotust said:
I like it. how is the Bestop soft top? I like the way it folds down. How is the quality?
I was amazed at the quality of the top. It is almost like it came with it from the factory. It fits really tight at doesnt make any noise while driving. The top folds very quickly and can be totaly removed fast by taking out 4 pins (no tools required). Its a relatively cheap alternative to a fiberglass one. Looks cool with the windows taken off too!
Those rims look great and you gotta love the Terra Grapplers!

I'm just a few miles south of you down in Maineville. Maybe I'll see you around
Nice truck. Just bought some Nittos also, have put about 400 miles on them so far and I'm pretty inpressed since they arent that pricey. I'm going all black with my truck too, Not seen another around my area that's going all black "yet".
yeah, those wheels are sweet. ive liked the mojave look since they first came out. very rugged look, and they clean up easy as hell 2!!!:thumbup::clap:
Great choice! I really like the Mojave wheels.

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