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Just installed BorlaCatback

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Ok i dont have audio or video, but i would like to say that i couldn't imagine having a better exhaust. FYI i measured the stock exhaust piping and it is 2 1/4 inches wide. The borla is 2.5 inches.

Great deep sound when driving at low rpms
Quiet when cruising at a steady speed on the interstate
Doesn't sound ricey... reminds me of my friends 5.0 liter mustang's exhaust
300 series Stainless steel
Sweet tip
Really sounds beautiful

Pretty expensive. got mine for $600.
Some may not think it is loud enough ( i think it is perfect)

overall i am very very happy... I wouldnt trade it for any other brand, though i have never heard any other brand in person.

ok if anyone has any questions i'll try to answer them
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Oh. Also... if you have the V6, your stock pipes were 2.5 inches, too.
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