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this is an '06 camry le. got it when it had only 1k miles due to some urgent issues that my uncle had to leave out of country. the car is permanently mine. I hated the stock look, so i wanted to make it more sporty i guess ? bought a spoiler from ebay, and wow it was a great investment. Now the car looks a lot better and the third brake light is amazingly bright.

on the other note, just installed a HID. Denso ballast with rebased 4300k philips bulbs. Great improvement with light output on the road.

Enough of me typing, heres the pictures.

added spoiler [debadged emblems]

heres the pic of the HID before installation

after installation

i need to take more pics of my whole car. btw sorry for the bad pics, it was taken with my cell phone. =D

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I'd be interested to see your cutoff because...

that glare is HORRIBAD. I'm sure a better camera would only make it look worse. Sorry to bust your balls, but you better figure out a way to aim those or expect to get pulled over...

But at least the color is nice. Spot-on 4300k white. :)

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Looking good, but yeah I think you better look into retrofitting some projectors.

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Holy glare!

These guys have said everything thats on my mind about the HIDs in stock reflectors... I will add nothing further on that note because... I think everyone knows my opinion on the matter by now. :thumbsdow

Otherwise, spoiler looks good. :thumbsup:
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