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Me: 18 year old, Just finished up highschool and currently getting starting in the world of automotives.Attending a school known as U.T.I.

Minds: just got a 96 Camry LE i4- w/ the power door locks not working and broken radiotor (fixed) I hate the beige color. My dad has the same car in 94 XLE color and everything

Mods: seeing as how i'm only 18 and i gotta pay for schooling. I dont have much money to spend on mods.

- fix door locks
- silverstar headlights
- paint emblems black
- red out tails
- IS300 Rims
- Whiteline rear sway bar (hopefully)
- front strut tower (ebay)
- clear corners
- clear turning signals
- Those weather protectors on the top side of your windows

Thats all i really have in mind. everyone on there except rims and sway bar will cost like 5-20$ to do. hehe
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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