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Have an '05 Corolla S on order. Should have it Aug 9th. I'm trading my F-150 Supercrew for it, so this will be a change.

Not going to mod the S like I have my trucks. Just going to move the stereo system over, and add some wider tires/wheels.

Couple questions if you could:

What is the wheel offset and bolt pattern? I can't find these specs. What names to look for and where to buy (inexpensive)?
The brand names of wheels I have shopped for with the truck don't seem to have any for the imports that I have seen. I don't recognize any of these new brand names. Tirerack has some good looking, inexpensive wheels, but they don't state who makes any of them.

*Don't laugh*...What does drifting and tracking mean?

Is there seperate wiring for the mid and tweeter in the door (6 speaker system). Or only one pair of line and split to feed the two?

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