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Just tinted with pics

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Well i decided to get my windows tinted this past week. I mostly just wanted them to match the back. I took it in and tested the back windows and my back windows let in 24% light. So the closest we could get to it is the 20% 3M hybrid tint. After putting it on the fronts came out to 22%. which i pretty close. They persuaded me to a hybrid because it has a tanish look to it like the stock tint. The new carbon based material was blueish. If i wouldve put the Carbon on it not only wouldve been a different color but a alot darker because most of the time the 20% carbon comes out to be around 16%. So it woulda been darker. Heres some pics tell me wutcha think. the second pic is just of what my lights look like in the daytime off. and shes dirty

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I got the same exact setup as you on my truck. I went for the greenish-brownish look on my tint. It's a perfect match.
Nice truck....silver off-road d-cabs are shiznit haha
you should tint the windshield too.. it looks awsome, and cuts the glare a lot. i got the lightest tint, and you cant really tell unless you look for it, so the cops wont bother you.
yeah ive been thinking about the windshield. i think i might try it out and go with the 35% on it
Thats a great match, looks good.
how much did it cost. i'm gonna tinte my front windows on the ol access cab
81shark said:
how much did it cost. i'm gonna tinte my front windows on the ol access cab
I was quoted $100 to do the 2 windows on my access cab. It's not too bad but I don't know if that's an average price or not. They use all 3M stuff so letting us know that "20% 3M Hybrid" is a good match helps me out a lot. I plan on getting them done sometime before spring, no money to spend on myself right now.
The shop that I used to go to charges 40 for the 2 fronts. $110 for an entire car.

They do a good job. Lately they have been blowing ass on my friends cars so I don't go there anymore.

I go to this guy I went to since day 1. He charges $90 for 2.
They charge $50 for the front to, i had them done on my old truck...looking to get it done on this as soon as the cash rolls around..over $100 does seem a little steep though
i probably got jipped then cuz i payed 90$ plus tax. they sayd if it ever bubbles or scratches they will replace it for free. does every place do that?
Got all my windows tinted for $115.
That for all the windows and windshield.
I went for the real dark look tho - got 4% tints up front, put 10% on the rear stock tinted windows to match, and 35% on the windshield. It looks real nice with the black pearl.

Ya most any tint shop will give you "warranty for life" on the tints.

4% ????!?!!??! your in florida is that legal?
No its not. Legal limit is either 24% or 28%
Got my two fronts for $45, they use Llumar which comes with a guarantee. Have it on two of my other vehicles and the tint still looks like new.
you guys are nuts, tinting your windshields. and i mean that in the best possible way. :)

hyperlitewkbrdn. sweet looking truck!!

looks good! did you have the toyota tint on the front windows? i ordered it from the factory, and realized how light the front tint is only after delivery. can you tint over the exisiting tint so its darker?
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