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Just Wanted to Share MY Pictures

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Ive been reading and gather information from this forum for a long time. Thanks for all the help. Here are some pics of my 99 caMry. H&R Springs, Tokico Shocks, 19" Axis Spiders, Toyo T1s Tires
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Very nice. You should come to one of the NY meets.
Nice, those rims are huge! How much were they?
All you need now is the TRD lip kit. If had wheels like those, my car would be complete. See if you like the kit on my car, it's the same color as you.
Very nice ride. Ther rims look realy good.
I kinda think the car looks like its floating and uncomplete....iunno thats just my oppinion.
looks good come to a meet sometimes, or if u ever wanna hang out let me know im on li also
muy bueno
Nice car man, I love the rims:thumbup: :thumbup:
Pretty ride, but I was wondering about the wheels too. Somehow it doesnt look lowered?? Could be the angle of the photograph.
The car is lower, probably the angle of the picture you can not tell. 1.5 inches lowered. The rims were $2000, AXIS spiders. Took me a while to pick them out. Im planning on getting a body kit, wanted to keep it simple, what you guys think?
hot rims, but yes, you need a kit.....REAL bad....

the rims look nice, but also kinda odd on the car cuz it's they're so big, and makes the car look jacked up....w/ a kit, it'll be perfect :thumbup:
looks great man, i already left a message in your guestbook.
clean job. did you lower it??? it doesnt look lowered:D, then again i wouldnt going with rims that big
nice! rims really do make a car dont they? theyre pretty massive... watchout for potholes ey.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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