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Kamry Project halfway done

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so far the entire outside is done and sound system is done.
this is what i have done
shogun full body kit
18" motegi dpk chrome rims
FireStone AirStork Bags with chrome 5gal tank and 2 vaiir compressor chrome. with FBSS 9 switchs.
exhaust, Panasonic CD/Mp3 player with 2 audiobahn alum12q subwoofers powered by audiobahn a1800 class d mono amp, power 1200 watts to each speaker.
next move is fix the inside
and modified the engine and its a surprise what im gonna do to it.
ProJect Kamry
aka alex g
also toyota nation needs to organize a meet in orlando
they should do it at millinia mall area, its easy to get there from anywhere.
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this would be a little off for this section but i would love for a orlando meet, i thought about going to nopi but i'm not doing 8 hours to a meet where i have a 90% chance of getting a ticket. i'm not good with the orlando area but it would be good for like most of florida and some other southern members to hit up for a meet and visit disney and universal. have you thought about old town for a meet, they had a classic car show a few months back so they might let us do something like that there and you can bring your own beer :thumbup:

but what kind of box do you have in there? my friend got a REALLY nice box from audio source here in tampa bay and it's fricking loud with only 2 12"'s i forgot to ask him how much power he got going to each but the box was made to funel the sound to the back seat ... it's awsome.
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