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I booked my car in person for a Timing belt change, they quoted me 450 dollars and 4.5 hrs time for just the Tbelt (no idler or tensioner), ...................and I asked about a wtr pump as well, and she quoted me 750 for that, ..I declined for the twr pump idea, bc it was too expensive, and agreed on just the Tbelt w/o water pump

that job became

a 850 dollar job at 2 weeks to complete, bc my car was not booked, my service writer went away for 3 months holiday in the I ended up spending that much $$ there anyways thanx to greedy stealership

I have only had my vehicle in a shop 3 times in my life, the other 2 times was at the local wrecking yard..................Guess who I got better service from, u guessed it, The Wrecking Yard

Since this experience, I will now have to invest in 200 bux worth in tools, and do the work myself..........I was a mechanic in my former life, now I have mobility issues and dont walk well and and cant sit or STAND for any length of time (poor blood return from my feet)

I sent my car to Kelowna Toyota (I thought reputable at the time)so that I wouldnt have a headache.....well I got the biggest headache ever, and have to wait 3 mos. until my service writer comes back to see exactly how this whole procedure was supposed to go

Unfortunately I had to go to said stealership for coolant seals and gaskets and Tstats, and coolant.....told the guy Im sealing up my whole cooling system except for the wtr pump to block, so EVERYTHING, bypass pipes, seals, heater junction gasket, all the pieces and this loser parts guy was willing to let me go w/o ALL the pieces needed, I had to ask him 3 times for the bypass oring....he wouldve let me go home and pull everything apart w/o ALL the pieces......LOSERS

from now on I will drive the xtra 40 kms to go to another stealership if I need parts

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