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I'm new to the forum--just joined today. I hope I'm not violating any kind of protocols by coming on here asking for help on my first post; but, I could use some help.

Here's my situation--I have a 2000 Tacoma Pre-Runner 4 Cylinder Automatic that key will not turn to lock (stuck in ACC) position UNLESS I disconnect the battery.

If I disconnect the battery, the key will go to lock and come out. Once the batter is connected, I can start the truck and everything is fine. When I turn it off, once again the key will not go all the way to lock. I disconnect the battery and it will turn all the way off and I can remove the key.

I'm thinkinig there is some kind of selenoid that detects park? That is not working? I don't know, I can't find any information.

If anyone can assist me, I would appreciate it.
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