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I've done a search and it seems lots of people have had this problem, but I can't seem to find any resolutions.

back in the winter I was driving north up the botwood highway to visit my girlfriend, when I slowed down to change the song on my phone, I looked away for too long and even while holding the brakes to slow down, I suddenly found myself SURFING over the snowbank and I'm suddenly at a 45 degree angle, deeeep into the ditch.

I can't believe it at first, and I sorta paniced and wanted to get the car off as soon as possible for fear of something messing up, and I THINK I jammed it in park without depressing the brake all the way, because I heard a snap, and thought nothing of it.

The next day I wake up withh my girlfriend after getting a ride in, and I and her family go pull my camry out of the snow, one truck wouldn't even budge me, we had to wait for a passerby to tie on the back of the first truck!

Anyway, I get it out, clean out the snow, check all around, no damage, no nothing, totally off the hook! And so I drive home, and boom, key stuck.

For a month, I had to pop the hood and undo the battery terminal in order to get the key out, until eventually I took up the shifter panel and found a moving piece of plastic that "drops" when you put the car in gear, locking the key solenoid, and for some reason it doesn't pop back up without me reaching in and pulling it up, which is what I do every single day now.

Would a new shifter assembly fix this?
logically I'd think yes as it seems to be one simple mechanical fault, unless there were complications I'm not aware of.
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