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2000 4Runner automatic with 380,000. When I shift into Park the key will not release. I can disconnect the battery and the key releases.

I have identified the problem: Took apart the console and got to the shift mechanism. When you shift from Reverse to Park there is a spring-actuated plastic slot that the shifter is supposed to engage that allows the shifter to fully go into Park. If the shifter can't engage with that slot, then the vehicle is in ACC mode and not in Park. It's a mechanical issue (not a shift solenoid issue).

Disconnecting the battery overrides the issue and causes the shift solenoid to release, even though it is not in Park.

I figured there might be gunk/debris in there causing the spring mechanism not to raise properly to engage with the shifter (the shifter has a small rod that is supposed to slip into a slot on the plastic spring mechanism), so I cleaned it as best I could and sprayed some WD-40 in there. That helped, but the problem is now intermittent... sometimes it works and I can easily remove the key in Park, but sometimes it still does not engage the slot and I have to disconnect the battery.

I suspect the spring mechanism may just be fairly worn out after all these years.

I'd like to replace the plastic piece that contains the bad spring-loaded mechanism allows the shifter to go into Park... but I cannot find any reference to the part in any of the online parts sites and there is also nothing about it in my Chilton manual.

I have no idea what it is actually called.

If you know what this part is and where it can be foound, pleace let me know!
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