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Hello everyone! I wanted to get some advice from ppl as I did some research on my own and from this very forum. So the problem is my key fob aren't working with my 2006 Camry SE. I have changed the battery and programmed it with my friend Camry and it works fine. So remotes check out. So I try to re program them with open/close door sequences found on this forum. The weird thing is it actually programs successfully. But still no go for unlocking and locking. So I try rewrite mode instead of add mode, still nothing. My locks are operating just fine from button on driver and passenger sides. I just can't get it unlocked or locked from the key fob until I found this site. I read that it could be problem with the door control receiver? Or module? Is there any diference between them? And if I read correctly it's located in side bar of the rear sear on passenger side. Could anyone shine some light if that's the case then I could just replace that? Also would I need to reprogram the key fobs? I do see them on eBay. I would just need to get the right one according to one in my car. Thanks :)
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