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Have anyone experience this::::My remote keyless entry is not working that well anymore?

Is the battery getting low?
How do I replace the remote battery?
How to open it?
What type of battery it's?

Thanks guys!!!

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To open take the mechanical key out, there is a slot on the edge, pop open the two sides using a small screwdriver put into the slot. Replace the battery.

For a quick solution go to a Toyota dealer, they'll sell you the correct battery and even put it in for you.

I change my battery every January as a precaution.

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What you need is a 3V Lithium battery #1632. While the dealer can take care of it for you - you'll pay a premium price for that service! Go to any place that sells a variety of batteries like watch batteries or hearing aid batteries (Radio Shack, etc.) and buy the battery.

Replacing it is simple. Open the case by inserting the physical key from the fob (press the button on the side marked "Push" and slide out the key) and twisting it in the slot. The battery goes into the circuit card on the underside. Just lift up on the card and you'll see the battery.

Piece of cake - and you'll save a bunch of money!
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