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keyless entry /remote start, best one to get

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I joined this forum because my GF owns a 95 Camry and well with a little TLC from me, and great info from some guys on here about helping me grab codes and also that kickass PDF of the camry, I wouldn't have been able to fix it without it!. Her car is in GREAT condition now. She previously had a keyless entry in the car but I guess there was a problem with the eletrical and it was taken out by the delaership. so she doesn't ahve one right now and I figured why not get a remote start for her as well. This will be part of her Valentine's Day gift. I didn't know if y'all had a particular brand/ model that you like or suggest.

Any help is appreciated. also, I don't wanna spend an arm and a leg but if necessary I will. Only looking for maybe $100 or less, is that feasable?

Great site BTW, I love it. I drive a Ranger right now, but my next truck will prolly be a taco 4 door,but gotta finish up my AA first.

Thanks guys!:D

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Have you done a search?

I've read a few posts regarding this topic. And to be honest if you're going to get a remote start system, whcih probably comes with alarm will spend more than 100 for fairly good one, not counting install.

I've been looking for some for my camry.
ive heard good things about the viper 791xv and also a company called Commando who is supposed to be cheaper.
i have a compustar spread spectrum
no other company can touch it from my point of view
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