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I would like to install key-less entry system in my car, 2010 corolla.
It's pretty annoying to open the car with my key, and it can only be opened from the driver side. So I bought the next system on-line:
Chinese, so it came with out a manual ;) but I did a quick search on-line and I found out that:

Red - Plus before switch
Black, Yellow, Yellow\Black - Ground
White - Lock
White\Black - Unlock
Brown (Split to 2) - Signals
The rest of the colors are less important for my installation (trunk, windows, horn etc).

I need to know what wire colors are associated with the wires I mentioned above, but in my 2010 Corolla? and if they all will be found in the same location?
Also, is there is anything else I should know before I start the installation?

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