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keyless remote questions???????

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i need help i have a 96 camry le with keyless remote and im not sure what the lower button does,i know the top button locks/unlocks the doors and if you hold it down its the panic switch but the other 1 is the button im not sure what it does . any help would be appreciated.

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If it is the same one I have on my 99 camry, then that can be programmed for another car.
any other suggestions? its my wifes car and she really wants to know.

wait so you only have 2 buttons? well maybe a picture would help because my dad's remote on a 94 LE has 3 buttons.
The second button on your remote serves no purpose the way it is programmed at the factory. It, however, is used when changing the programming of the alarm module (i.e. changing the chirp setting when arming/disarming alarm). It can also be programmed to do the same function as the top button, or can be programmed to operate the alarm/locks of another toyota vehicle.

i appreciate to those who have replied it has been a great help to me, especially since my wife really wanted to know what in the heck it done neither 1 of us could figure it out.

thomas:D :D :D
Maybe its for the trunk opener. Hold it down for like 3 sec.
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