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Keyless Start in Tercel. Can It be done!!??

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Title says it all. Thanks:smokin:

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well... any reference to the parts needed would be appreciated
Any remote start system can be adapted to work on most any car by a competent installer.
Just really think about it if the car is manual transmission. The parking brakes are ok but they arn't meant to be the sole braking system to hold the car on a hill. Plus it would mean over-riding the clutch safety system. You don't want to explain that the wreck was caused by starting a car that you weren't sitting in and forgot you left it in gear.
There are a handfull of remote start systems made for manual transmission cars, but they cost more. I was just assumming that this car was an automatic.
nahh its a 5 speed manual 99 tercel. any sites that i can see about this?
Thanks guys i like the help!
You can also check into Audiovox, but Directed Electronics is much better.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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