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Here's whats inside and underneath the new Kia Forte and how it works!

The Kia Forte comes with a 2.0L 4-cylinder that is just port injected:

With the air intake removed, you can see the EGR components, throttle body, transmission and cooling system:

The transmission is one of Kia's first CVT's. From the top you can see the fill port and cooler:

Taking a look behind the headlight, we have a plastic radiator support. Seems sturdy up top:

While the drive belt is easy to come off, changing the water pump is really tight against the frame:

Despite all the plastic underneath, they do leave holes in it for the oil filter and drain plug:

Here's a look at the CVT from underneath:

The plastic radiator support is very flimsy down below which means no front jack point:

The rear suspension is typical economy car torsion beam:

The front suspension is a simple McPherson strut setup:

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