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i have a 98 avalon xls, and as you know, it comes with a little stock woofer. well, recently i blew that woofer, and ive blown the side speakers a while ago. so now, even with ANY time of music, i hear a incessant rattling, and im looking to get rid of it.

i found that kicker comps c84 run free-air, but im wondering, will that subwoofer fit? i mean, its a 8 inch, but i know newer woofers come taller than the older ones, for power, sound, etc etc. im not looking to get a box, casue...well, i had one in my other car and i didnt like it. took up space, rattled anything in my trunk, and too much money.

*also, ive heard (actuelly, read on this forum) that the stock 8inch woofer comes amped. but ive only heard it on one can anybody back this up? and if it is, how strong is that stock amp?

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its defineatly amped, i do not know how much either maybe call a dealership?

*interesting fact*
i was playing with mine once and i unplugged it from the rest of the system and the rest of the speakers got much much quieter. i thought that was pretty interesting. i trust you can look at the recent threads to see how to replace the door speakers. and there should be plenty of room for any 8" free air back there, and if you are looking for more power you can always put a second amp on i guess.
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