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Kinda Foolish FS Posts?

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Does anyone here other than me think it's somewhat foolish when someone posts a For Sale thread along the lines of:

"Looking for $x,xxx - but if no one wants to give me that much, well, I'd rather keep my car."

-Yeah right, you'd rather keep your car - why are you selling in the first place, then?!

"I am so sad to do this, but I'm parting with my baby. I hope it goes to a good home."

-If it was your BABY, you'd NEVER part with it! Just admit that you don't want it anymore.

"$9,000 FIRM." Two weeks later, "$8,000 FIRM." Two more weeks, "$5,000 FIRM." Several months later, "$4,000 without everything that makes the car even remotely appealing."

"Invested $8,000, sacrificing for $4,000."

-Anything you put in your car is not an investment, buddy.

"No lowballers, don't waste my damn time, idiot lowballers."

-Very good customer service skills, eh? That would sure make me want to make an offer.

"Everything was upgraded by the previous owner recently, but I don't exactly know what and when. But I assure you, it's all new."

The funniest is when people list things you're supposed to have, as some sort of special feature or modification: "BRAND NEW ball-joints. I just changed the oil! BRAND NEW air filter. TUNE UP."

-Those things don't increase the value of the car, they just don't decrease the value.

I've noticed that these types of FS posts have a hard time finding a buyer.
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I just barely put a post up of my Corolla FS, I'm glad to say after reading your post I did'nt have anything like that in it, lol. FEW
public_transit.. funny post dude.. so true! :lol:

We also get a lot of dumbass posters to the for sale threads though.. for example.

Someone posts.. LOCAL ONLY, will not ship. then someone will post. "How much to ship to XXXXX zip code?" :lol:
i agree with all of those except the oil change/balljoint etc one. I think its good to know if things have just been replaced and the car is being taken care of. true, it doesnt increase the value any, but it can sometimes give you piece of mind.

funny post:lol: :thumbup:
Another warning; I don't ever buy anything that says "owned by a mechanic". Any mechanic I've known leaves their car til it's barely running before they fix it. I guess it's because they get tired of working on other peoples cars all day and don't want to work on their own.
Oh yeah... so true, the people who ask dumb questions. I bet they don't even have the cash anyway!

DCM, mechanics do that all the time. They just wanna save money, and hey, if they're selling their car and it will run fine until it's out of their hands - hey, why not?! Haha...
I don't like "for sale" ads where the owner of a vehicle can't remember the name of the vehicle they're selling. Back a month or so ago I was reading the newspaper and one of the ads had "FOR SALE: 1988 Chrysler Plymouth!" I. Kid. You. Not. :lol:
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