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Kings, Fox, or Icons?

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Which coilovers should I get? I want to upgrade from my 5100's and 886's to something with a little better ride and better quality. Tell me which you think is the best way to go. Kind of leaning towards Fox or King but let me know which one is best. Thanks (looking for people who actually have them)
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I have the Donahoe racing/icon coils and i love them and would recommend them any day of the week.
I know once I can afford to upgrade my choice order will go:
1. King
2. Fox
3. Sway-A-Way
But sorry no first hand experience. I have ridden in tacolution's truck and I believe he has icons. They rode really nice!
Personally (and this is because I'm a cheap ass).. I can't see spending over $1k on front suspension (just the coilovers!).
My next route from the 5100/884/spacer will be to get the Toytec Coilovers for the 5100. $499 I can handle.
I have the Donahoes (Icon) and I like them but I am making a switch over to Fox's but only because I am going long travel. I also had Donahoes in the rear but they were not long enough for my lift so I went with some longer Fox shocks and they ride wayyy better but only because they are longer.
depending on what you want depends on your lift setup. I have DR's because i got then at a steal of a price with some camburg UCA's, given that they where used for 5k miles, i still got a deal. All three are a good choice, but if i could get some Fox coilovers with the resis. i would choose that first because there HQ and factory is located 14 miles from my house and getting a rebuild would be quick. I like my dr's they soak up all the bumps.

P.S. the 5100's in the back are ok, but the 5100's don't provide enough travel especially when lifted.
Go with the ICON's you won't regret it. :thumbsup:
I would choose Fox or Icons before Kings. AFter reading a few people that have Kings and would have chosen a different one.

Between fox and Icon, it's really your call. Everyone who has a set loves them. Read this:

I got Icons because I could get them faster.
I'd probably go with Fox 8 way adjustables if I were going with coilovers.
I went with Kings because I wanted the set of 2.5" shocks with reservoirs at all four corners, and nobody else offered that. I couldn't be happier with them. I just set the c/o's to level out the truck and am stoked on what my otherwise stock tacoma can handle!!! I also have had good previous experiences with the company so I chose to stick with them. If Icon would have made a rear 2.5" shock it would have been a tough choice though. It seems like those are the the popular choice and everyone is happy with them. Don't be afraid to call the companies either, as I'm sure they all have a wealth of information.
Donahoe , Icon; was my first choice and could not be happier with them. But if I were to build dedicated off road desert truck I would go with kings, just because all my buddies run them.
they ride wayyy better but only because they are longer.

im running kings and they are nice second choice would be icons cause i have seen how they perform drewbie ride very nice.
Thanks for all the input guys. Its narrowed down now between the Fox and Icons. If I can I want to go with the Fox Coilovers but we'll see. I can find the Icons for $950 with free shipping so that might be the way to go. Do you think they would be able to hold and Allpro Hybrid bumper that Im going to hopefully get her this weekend? I know the 886's will but not sure about the Icons or the Fox Coilovers.
they will hold the allpro no problem. You can them a little to compensate for the weight but the allpro is not the heaviest bumper.

a guy here runs the 2.0 fox with allpro bumper and a winch and has no problem at all.

allpro has a special on shipping until the end of the month if you decide to go fox. if you choose icon, i suggest you to contact username "chas" on ttora, he gave me a very good deal on my icons 2.5 resi CO and rear resi shocks and camburg uca
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