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I don't know how fast this will progress, splurged suddenly to get this because I wasn't actually expecting to find an AE86 in my price range.

Lo and behold I found one, so about a total of around 800 miles later (in the thousands if you consider the second car) here she is:

Snug as a Bug. (Have a truck coming in a few days to clean almost everything out of the garage and take it to the dump, need some 86 space)

Some assembly required (Previous owner had 100% of the dash taken apart when I got there, had to jimmyrig the speedo to work, crossed my fingers that it didn't overheat and stopped every 50-75 miles to check the oil)

That's all I have for now, happy to be part of the family!


Replaced all the rubber trim on the hatch, fixed the headlights so they can flip up and down without difficulty.
Fixed a few interior pieces that had slight snaps/tears (all hard plastic) and superglued them back together.


Previous owner had rolled into something causing the hood to be bowed.

So I surfed junk yards until I finally found an Ae86 tucked away in the back, got the hood and complete headlight modules for 100$


Haven't been updating as much as I should so I'll throw you guys a few pictures to get you up to date!

Took the front bumper off because the red line on the SR5 one was bugging me.


Googley eyes and got GTS bumper trim!


220,000 and holding!


HUGE UPDATE! Traded a few Supra parts for a 1980 Te72 Corolla Wagon with a Silvertop 20v 4AGE swap in it.
The wiring needs to get done, so it'll be a little bit before I can get it in the AE86 and running. BUT, I have it!


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Nice 86! Can't wait for the silvertop to be in it! :thumbsup:
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