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Hey folks, long time, no see. :p

So, I've noticed for about a month now, that when I go over specific types of bumps at specific speeds, there's a metallic thud from the back of my car. I originally though it was the jack or the tools in the trunk making the noise, but after shifting them around many times I still got the same sound.

I had my dad ride with me today in the back of my car, and every time I was sure the sound would appear, it didn't. Perhaps either my car likes making me look insane, or the weight in the back is preventing the noise.

I got under the back of the car and hit a few things with my rubber mallet. The exhaust is firm and isn't bouncing around so that's not it. I think I hit the drivers-side tie-rod and it made a similar noise to what I hear, but I don't think that's it. Nothing seemed loose or out of place, and I don't know much about suspension components, I know that a tie rod was replaced a few years ago, don't know which one. Any help is appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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