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Knock in Engine

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I love my 2001 MR2 Spyder. It has 95,000 plus miles. Anything that need to be replaced on it has been by a Toyota dealer, transmissions, clutch, tensioner, brakes, etc. Clutch done just about 1 month ago. Now there is a knock in the engine and I am told that it can't be fixed or would cost about $8,000.00 and that I should just trade it in and get another car. Don't want to do that. Any suggestions? Any place to get another motor?
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Could be a rod or bearing knock, if so the engine may need a new crankshaft or regrind.

Find out what other Toyota models use this engine (1ZZFE) and start checking places such as auto salvage yards, engine rebuilders, etc. Might be able to find a rebuilt short block and transfer the good parts from this engine.
My God! What have you been doing with your Spyder? I have a 2001 also, but with 72K miles, I haven't had ANY problems with mine. It is only lightly modified and I rev it out regularly.
Have you checked the timing belt? If it's worn and may have slipped a tooth and timing could be slightly off causing a knock. What about knock sensor?
WQhat about a 2nd opinion?
I have never trusted the stealership to work on either of my 2's..
the 1zzfe can be found in quite a few cars... one being the corolla. i am actauly in search of a new engine myself, so far most places are quoteing about 1200 to 2000 for a rebuilt. a crate engine will run ya about 4000 or so. Dont let anyone charge you 8000. and yes i agree with the term Stealerships... cause if its not in a book they will just keep guessing till you have a new engine to fix your problem.
One quick note about dealerships, MOST of them are far better than any independent. I have seen numerous jobs butchered by independents and backyard specialists who then said "take it to the dealer". I spent 23 years working for dealers in several states. I will personally put my skills against ANY technician out there on Toyota products.
The main problem is the management at dealerships. Their jobs depend on how much money they bring in. This invites price gouging.
That said, I would look around. 8k is far too high. Ask for a complete estimate with a full diagnosis. This may cost you 1-200 in diagnostic time as parts need to be removed to get the full story. I would also ask for assistance from Toyota on parts costs at least. you have a long history of dealer service Call the customer service line. Check the credentials of the technician working on the car. Ask to see them. If they refuse get your car out of there. If he looks like a young kid he probably is not master certified. Ask to speak with the technician to get his take on why this happened.
If I was closer I would check the car out for you. I am about 200 miles away though which doesn't help you.
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I know dealerships are all different, having different techs and all. But I have found that most Toyota techs don't even wanna touch the MR2. I usually do my own work, though I am by far no expert, but I took my '01 Spyder in for an oil change and the tech opened the wrong end of the car!... At that point I didn't want this guy to touch my car. They got pissed when I told them never mind. Changing oil is no big deal, but finding someone to take the old oil is the problem(here).
My brother in law is a Toyota rech. He's IS an expert.. But it's over 100 miles to the dealership that he works at..So there are some excellent techs out there. But like hevster1 stated, the service managers can be the ones to try and take advantage of you.
if you car needs a motor then search here it pulls up all the junkyards in your area with prices and how far away they are..
most dealerships don't overhaul motors anymore... for any brand.

so w/ that said... the reason your getting quoted for 8k is a for reman.

they aren't stealing your money... they're just not giving you the option to overhaul... they're is too much liablilty in it. too many things that can go wrong.
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