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Hi guys,

Right now I am in the middle of swapping out my struts for some kyb's and b&g springs. I was able to disassemble the front struts in about 15 minutes, but I spent the last 4 hours trying to get the front strut to connect to the knuckle again. I'm able to line up the bottom hole of the two bolts to the strut, but I'm having trouble lining up the top hole. I try to push it in after I hand tightened the bottom bolt, but it wont budge.

Is there any special way that I should be doing this? Should I be jacking up the rotor and let the strut fall into place or should I be able to just push in the knuckle and bolt the strut?

I'll try to get some pictures up tommorow.


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is it even close? I usually just stick a screw driver in there and line up the holes with that.

if it's not close enough for that push/pull on the strut to try to get it closer.

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I would use the screwdriver trick, too. Some times, it'll require Hulk Power. Push, pull, maybe a rubber mallet/ deadblow.
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