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Kumho Venture MT

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anyone hear or knwo anything aobu these tires? dont think ive read much about them on the forum.

its the second tire (SUV/Light Truck/RV Radial)
they look pretty sweet to me
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Those do look pretty sweet, but they only come in large diameter sizes, or 15". They don't have them in any 16" or 17" sizes from what I can see. They are made for people that want to lift their truck, throw huge 20"+ rims on them, and then put some off road tires on it and call it an off road truck. I can't believe they actually make those tires up to a 24" rim size. That's ridiculous.
I like the tire, but I just can't stand the name. Kum Ho. :ugh3:

Kumho (Pronounced KuuuuMoe);) is a great brand that has a huge reputation in racing. They just recently entered the passenger car and light truck tire segment. They are a great bargain tire with great reviews.
I know, but it still looks like KUM HO. :lol:

Where are Kumho's made anyway? I like to keep my money here in the US if possible.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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